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Media bashed for Isaac Davids reports

Publishing Date : 05 February, 2018


The media and its reporting became the centre of debate in a case in which two men accused for the murder of Kgatleng East Member of Parliament Isaac Davids appeared before the Molepolole Magistrate on Tuesday this week.

Mishingo Jeremiah, a lawyer representing one of the accused, Mokgalimi Malea explained that while other media houses continue to do the right thing and report within their rights others continue to do the opposite. Jeremiah said on behalf of the second accused he is concerned with what is happening outside court with regard to the way the media is reporting the matter.

Jeremiah, who recently convinced the Court of Appeal to discharge a man who was sent to death row by the High Court, observed that everyone should respect the law and let it take its course. He said, “The media has no right to interview public witnesses and publish such reports.”

Jeremiah went on further to explain that the place where offences are tried are courts not anywhere else. He added that the time for that is coming and will not be in media houses but in the court of law and all at the interest of the Prosecution, State and Justice in general.

The police are also not impressed, Letlhakeng Police Station Commander, Daniel Katse did not spare the media either. He agreed with the defence that the media has been careless in its coverage of the murder case of Isaac Davids, “it is careless to do such and even publish such issues.” Katse appealed for an order that nobody should consult the two accused persons at any cost because that could have implications for the investigations.

Katse and Jeremiah took issue with the media’s decision to go all out and trace and interview witnesses or alleged witnesses in the murder of Isaac Davids. They posited that the media should not have published or aired anything from the said witnesses. The Magistrate Khuto Rosemary emphasized that media houses should know their boundaries, and it is important to know how far they can go.

Back to the case, Jeremiah appeared for the second accused, Mokgalimi Malea while Sesupo Masaka represented the first accused, Jabulani Dube.The two accused worked for Isaac Davids as herdemen. Upon his plea Sesupo Masaka stated that the accused should be remanded in jail for the next 14 days so as to wrap up investigations.

 For his part Jeremiah explained that the second accused was not represented in the last hearing and again there was no request for any bail application at the time. He stated that they have taken instructions from the first accused and agreed with the prosecution on the way forward. He noted that the matter will soon be with the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) who will conduct and deal with any applications indicated hence they are not objecting to the application of remanding the suspects in custody. The two suspects were remanded in custody and will appear again on the 13th February 2018.



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