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BDP primary elections wars gain speed

Publishing Date : 05 February, 2018


With the date for the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) primary elections where the party holds incumbency fast approaching, Councillors in the Bobirwa Sub Council have started to show their colours – taking the silly season of primary elections to new heights.

Eight councilors from the Sub Council have written a letter to the party headquarters calling for disciplinary action against four other councilors of the BDP. The Secretary General of the party, Mpho Balopi received a letter from the eight councillors on 13 December 2017 accusing the four councillors of sabotage and discrediting Members of Parliament, Shaw Kgathi and Kefentse Mzwinila. The four accused councilors are Kgomotso Mmereki, Sylvester Masweu, Thatayaone Segona and Victor Mphee.

“On the 22nd November 2017 in a Full Councill meeting held at Bobonong, a nominated Councillor, Kgomotso Mmereki stated that the Member of Parliament for Bobirwa, Honourable Shaw Kgathi and Member of Parliament for Mmadinare, Honourable Kefentse Mzwinila are in the habit of instructing a certain Education Official to tell School Heads to stop inviting certain inndividuals with political ambitions in the area to school prize giving ceremonies,” reads the letter.

The aggrieved councilors who are said to be pro-Kgathi and Mzwinila are concverned that the statement was made in the presence of civil servants and members of the public. It is said that the issue, at the instruction of Vice Chairman of the day of the deliberations, Victor Mphee was taken to the All Party Caucus on the 23rd November 2017.

At the All Party Caucus the two MPs were publicly criticized for the allegations against them. “…the debate was carried in an unprofessional and biased manner with clear indication that the motive was to discredit the two MPs and score cheap political points on behalf of their alleged political opponents,” further reads the letter of complaint to Balopi.

The communique further allege that the discussion was “spearheaded and facilitated by the four councilors in a malicious manner, aimed at discrediting and removing the incumbent BDP MPs.” The complainants allege that the four councillors contravened the party constitution and Disciplinary Ruules of the party by uttering defamatory and untrue statements against the MPs, facilitated defamatory discussions, and further put the name of the party into disrepute.

Kgathi is expected to be challenged in the BDP primaries by Francisco Kgoboko, hence the four councilors are seen as pro Kgathi’s challenger. On the other hand Mzwinila is expected to be challenged by former Debswana employee, Barulaganye Mogotsi. Agrrieved councilors include N Moribame of Molaltau ward; MT Marole of Kobojango; Semololale and Mabolwe wards; B Malemenyane, a nominated councillor; E Basinyi of Moletemane ward; M Tshebedi of Mathathane; D Sebuseng, a nominated;Moses Seeletso of Mmadinare South; and D Mosweunyana of Tobane/Tshokwe.



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