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Let’s come back more refined in 2018

Publishing Date : 25 December, 2017

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When a New Year beckons, we all can talk and declare big dreams. But it cis not the many of us who usually give themselves time and think this resolutions through and make them meaningful. 2018 is almost here and offers the promise of great things to come – at least by the account of many.

Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. Most of us have existing commitments (jobs, relationships, etc) and a slew of bad habits that don’t go away at the end of the calendar year. Most of us have made several declarations before which have not come to fruition! Most of us find it difficult to execute some of our wishes…But how can we make New Year’s resolutions meaningful?

We all agree that the resolutions have become a tired practice similar to promises rendered by unwitty politicians; they are more like manifestos of a party that lost elections or worse, a roadmap of a politician who has no power to execute his ideas… Again, let us face it; breaking from our usual habits is difficult and often painful – requiring not just willpower and stamina but also the courage to take risks, to fail, and to pick ourselves up again.  2017 has had so many failures for many, and indeed many successes for many. But most of the ups and down were up to character. Therefore, why can’t we streamline our wishes to something more realistic and that is within our means?

Examples, you can’t wish to buy a house when you are yet to secure job, a job that pays within the bracket that is recognised by a bank; you can’t wish to get married when you do not have the capacity to raise lobola or least arrange a ceremony; you can’t wish to buy a car when you do not have money; for these examples, a proper wish is to get a job or least start a small business to raise income…

The moral is let us be thinking within our limits and avoid over stretching imaginations and later at the end of the year blame ourselves unreasonably.  It is very clear that the turn of the year presents a dangerous allure: That of the clean slate. We make big, bold resolutions as if starting from scratch. Didn’t accomplish those 2017 resolutions? Well then, it’s time to double-down for 2018!

Honestly, let us go for simplicity. Everyone has a duty to be a responsible citizen. What if we all resolve to be responsible citizens. There are plenty of people the world over who do not know what being a responsible citizen means and these are the same people who destroy our communities. For being a responsible citizen results in a happy and harmonious community – if everyone else does the same. Then, this could be a super resolution for all of us!

Being a responsible citizen covers many areas – some of them legal obligations, some social and some moral. Social obligations really form the bulk of being a responsible citizen and what this means. To be a responsible citizen, we should help our communities and those who live in them. So, being a responsible citizen can encompass things such as volunteering. Companies operating within our communities sponsoring and supporting local events…Being a responsible citizen means being involved in the communities. This may be demonstrated by being on the school parent teacher association or the village development committee. It may be as simple as attending events organised by these people.

It is weird that many people will push right into the New Year with no respect or consideration for the last 365 days. No doubt, victories were had, mistakes were made, relationships came and went and, most importantly, lessons were learned. Take time to consciously reflect upon the major incidents of 2017.

Nobody is perfect. Most try their best to be useful, pleasant and to contribute in a positive way. But we are all human beings, and with humanity come failings, flaws, selfishness, greed and discontent. The New Year is a time to recognize our shortcomings and acknowledge our own accountability in the parts of our experience that leave us unsatisfied and unkind to those around us.

Please clear your mind and heart of weight, this will help give you energy and allows you to focus on the path ahead. This is the time to make commitments you will keep. No empty promises. This is the last edition of the Weekend Post for 2017. Our first issue for 2018 will be published on 6thJanuary. We wish our readers, advertisers and all stakeholders a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 



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