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Charma Gal: The evolution of a diva

Publishing Date : 25 December, 2017

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When she left the traditional music scene two years ago, Magdalene ‘Charma Gal’ Lesolebe not only swapped her traditional gear for tight jeans and timberland boots but underwent a major overhaul in appearance, ANGELA MDLALANI writes.

Mosakaso singer, Charma Gal has in the last few years undergone remarkable transformation, ditching her natural look for a more classy look. The bald freckled face girl with a wide smile now sports a bronzed face, manicured hands and long silky hair. The 34 year old is today a sassy singer who takes to the stage with a contoured face, a Brazillian weave and designer sneakers. One can hardly recognise her, from the bald shy singer who led Culture Spears; she is now a bold sexy trailblazer who exhibits pizzazz and flair- whenever on stage.

Social media had a field day criticising her new look this week after images from her 34th birthday celebration surfaced on social media in which the ‘Mmokolodi’ hit-maker looked much like a dream; a face-beat, gold princess dress, lush looking 20 inch weave, high heels, weave and all. Many would be forgiven if they saw the singer today and mistake her for an R’nB singer- her transformation from the day she started leading Eke Ntolo, a group formed by her former group Culture Spears, has been but astounding.

Unlike local acts, like Naledi Kaisara aka Slizer, who dedicates time into looking like the Kwasa-Kwasa singer she is, Charma Gal is comfortable singing her ‘Jabu’ dolled up-defying the sweat that comes as a result of her dancing to her upbeat tune.
The singer would not comment on what inspired her transformation when reached telephonically.

When she went solo, Charma Gal brought with her an alter ego unleashing it to her legion of fans. With each of a stage performance throughout the country, she brought on distinct beauty- from the costume and the shoes to the last detail- exaggerated eye lashes included.
Despite her radical change in appearance, the singer has maintained her musical prowess.

It is not a mystery that when artists transform in their music journey it extends to their wardrobe and appearance. We have seen it with the likes of Mafikizolo’s Nhlanhla Nciza and American rapper turned actress Nicki Minaj who recently ditched her multi-coloured wigs and bright pink lipstick for a more subtle look. The star, known for her over the top outfits and make up, attributed her latest more ‘natural’ look to her then album, which was more rap-this after saying she would not be doing pop sounds any longer.

Nciza is considered a style icon outside her music career and is in fact responsible for dressing the group she founded with Theo Kgosinkwe and the late Tebogo Madingoane. Charma Gal was born in the sleepy village of Lerala in Tswapong in 1983. The divorcee and mother of two started her music career in 2005 and has gone on to win various Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) awards. She currently enjoys a flourishing solo career, since her humble beginnings.



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