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FCB conservation efforts rope in students

Publishing Date : 05 December, 2017



The second annual Forest Conservation Botswana (FCB) Essay Writing competition oral presentations were made on Thursday this week with Raymond Molebatsi and Marang Sekai being announced as the overall winners. The Essay writing competition was introduced last year by FCB as a way of imparting knowledge and appreciation on the importance of the environment in children.

The competition was held under the theme, “Forest and Water Sustaining Lives and Livelihood.”  FCB Public Relations Officer, Lorato Mongatane explained that they acknowledge the importance of relaying the message of environmental issues to children. “At FCM, we believe developing and nurturing the appreciation and the importance of the environment in our children is a fundamental element that will safeguard the safety of our forests. We firmly believe that activities such as this essays writing competition will help educate this future generation on the importance of saving our forests for a better tomorrow,” she said.

She added that it is hoped that the children who participated in the essay writing competition learnt a valuable lesson. “These children will become advocates for sustainable use of forests to ensure water security and improvement of lives,” Mongatane highlighted.
Mongatane further said FCB wants to promote activities designed at conserving the environment.

“As a company mandated to promote activities designed to conserve, maintain forests of Botswana, tree planting is our core business, hence our support of the essay writing competition during the month of November which is the Tree Planting Month. Planting trees connects children with nature and shows them that their hard work makes a difference in the world,” she explained.

She shared that the benefits are not only to the environment but also translates to the learners. “Recent scientific studies suggest that students are better able to concentrate complete tasks and follow directions after playing in natural settings filled with trees,” she highlighted. In an interview with WeekendPost, Mongatane explained that five schools in the South East were partaking in the competitions.

“The competition was entered by five schools in the South East Sub district and that is from Boatle to Ramotswa. 40 students wrote the essay, and the best students were selected, and later chosen for the oral presentation, to ensure if indeed they wrote the essays on their own,” she said. She explained that the activity is done every year as a buildup activity towards national tree planting day.

“The national commemoration day determines where the essays competition are held. This year they were supposed to be held at Kgalagardi but due to logistics and the project that FCB funded in Otse for planting of indigenous species, we decided to host it in Ramotswa,” she explained. The overall winner walked away with P1500 with the second prize and third prizes winners being awarded P1500 and P1000 respectively. The participants who made it to the top 12 will be awarded certificates. The runners up from the primary category was Maatla Nokane and for the junior category were from Taung CJSS were Rethabile Lekang and Keotshepile Bogman. .



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