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Chambesi checks in at Orapa United

Publishing Date : 20 November, 2017


Orapa United has contacted and convinced Zambian mentor Benston Chambesi  to succeed Madinda Ndlovu as their next head coach starting from  January.

United’s eagerness to cajole Chambesi on the next transfer window is not going to be deflected even if the club was divided on the way forward before Ndlovu’s fall. The committee of Orapa United has been split on whether to appoint a foreign coach or a local mentor for the first time. It is said some influential minds at the Boteti club have their eyes on the former Mochudi Centre Chiefs man while continuing to consolidate their case that Orapa United is “too big to be led by a Motswana coach”.

However,  those who were  pushing for Daniel Nare’s position still believe that it is time the club tried a local coach, hence the call for Nare to come in as an assistant coach and head coach in the interim. Despite the club's very secret courting of the former Chiefs gaffer in the aftermath of the fall of their arguably best coach, Ndlovu, there has always  a possibility that any other foreigner  could compete for  the post  when Orapa set their sights outside the boarders of the country.

The possibility that Orapa United, currently 6th in the premier league log, may not mount a serious challenge for this year’s league honours had been mooted as a potential obstacle to Chambesi's involvement. While that would have serious and or little  implications for the club's attempts to balance the books where finances is rarely an issue, sources close to the negotiations have suggested Chambesi would actually not be discouraged from joining the side should the team fail to climb the league log again. Indeed, he could consider it an even greater challenge.

Nevertheless, owing to the reports that Chambesi is often a soft coach to drill an expensively side and therefore overrated,  other obstacles still need to be cleared if his desire to lead where Madinda has done  a lot of work.  Principal among his concerns is the amount of power he would be permitted to wield at The Ostriches, reports suggest.

The sudden fall out Ndlovu had with United management of course turned a few heads a week ago, although  they did not want to admit it at the time, they were equally frustrated with the way results were coming. And as Chambesi is to succeed Ndlovu, he would have to accept the existing structure in place at Orapa United.



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