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Pastor opens up about sexual abuse in new book

Publishing Date : 13 November, 2017


When Doricah Mokoka decided to write her newly published book, No Longer 19, she hoped that putting out her own life would impact young people she encountered during her counselling sessions-being a pastor.

During the counselling sessions, Pastor Doricah Mokoka says she came across many young people, ladies particularly who bore wounds of sexual trauma and various couples who were not sure about marriage. She knew too well what they were going through-she too, at a younger age had experienced the harrowing trauma of sexual molestation, lived through life with abandonment issues, married at a young age and had various questions and doubts about her worth because of what had happened to her as a young girl.

“As a pastor I encounter a lot of heartbreaking stories, young girls who walk around with the burden of being sexually abused at a young age and young couples who are about to marry and have a lot of questions any young person would ask themselves about the future; and I wanted to put out my life as a way of inspiring someone or just strengthening their journey in life,” Mokoka told WeekendLife.

In No Longer 19 Mokoka bares her soul, revealing how at 8 years old, she had been repeatedly sexually abused. “By the age of eight, my little body had known different men and I could not even tell anyone,” she writes, further revealing how one of her abusers gave her “a few coins” and threatened to beat her up should she tell anyone about what had happened.

Further in her book, the mother of three tackles head on the issue of abandonment; about how her father leaving them turned her life upside down. In fact, she believes that is what exposed her to the sexual predators that later came into her mother’s house. Her abandonment issues, she says, led to her getting married as a teenager to an older man. She was only 19 and pregnant with her first child at the time and had suffered a bout of depression because of the unplanned pregnancy. Other than the depression, Mokoka also touches on her insecurities, her marriage, her salvation and that of her husband after 15 years of marriage and eventually losing him to death.

Through the book, the prophetess opens up about her life, almost holding nothing back from the reader. The insightful book also offers inspiration for young Christians who want to marry or have questions about marriage as well as dating advice. She says that she was able to get through the bad memories of her childhood because she realised she had to set herself free from it. “The Lord has helped me through it all, for anyone out there who has had any bad experience-you need to rise above what has happened to you lest you get trapped in that cycle of regret, asking yourself why and the insecurities,” she says.

Mokoka is working on another book due for release in early December call entitled “Dearly Beloved”- a daily inspiration for Christians. She is also working on another “Cookie Jar” which will be published soon. “Cookie Jar is not only about that cookie jar as you would imagine- the book derives from my life story and what I had hoped I knew at a younger age. Parents need to talk to their children about sex-they have to be the first to discuss sex with their children as a way of protecting them.” She believes that had she known about wrong and right, she would have not allowed the abuse to go on. “If our children know what is wrong and right, no one will come and tell them otherwise.”



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