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New crocheting clothing line introduced

Publishing Date : 13 November, 2017


KN Crocheins is a new clothing line owned by two Batswana women, Game Neelo Mogotsi and Keamogetse Cecilia Monaka. It was founded in July 2017 and is wholly focused in Crocheting and sewing designs.

Crocheting is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook. In an interview with WeekendLife, co-founder of KN Crocheins, Mogotsi said, “Crochet is an art that narrates unlimited stories and it carries a memory that resonates well with many Batswana “ngwao ke boswa jwa rona”. Our design imbues cultural meanings and self-expression from cultural perspective.”

She further said that the clothing is still building as it was just newly introduced. “The clothing line “Crocheins” is still at its infancy stage as it has to be revealed to people to get acquainted with it,” she said. Alluding to their source of inspiration she says they introduce afresh fashion sense to people by using available material to create new designs.

“This brand is born of the influence that culture has on people and the contemporary fashion designs. Crocheins redefines the fashion industry by re-using readily available materials to create new designs such as the making of Ponchos from blankets materials. We use other materials Fabric and leather,” she added. It is without doubt that Designers have been feeling crafty lately. Over the last year, runways were dotted with artisan handiwork that came in the form of odd embellishments: modern quilting and, perhaps most visibly, crochet.

These designers made it clear that crochet isn’t just for old ladies, and this season is ripe for taking the trend from the runway to the street. The material is offbeat and wildly experimental, and that’s exactly what style risk-takers and every girl has been craving of late.
KN Crocheins clothing is being launched today (11th November) at Yarona Hotel Garden with a Fashion Show under the theme “Messyride”. The launch will double as the brand launch and exhibition of designs done.



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