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AP welcome to join UDC - Boko

Publishing Date : 13 November, 2017


The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) President, Advocate Duma Boko has indicated that it would be easy to resolve issues of constituency allocation, should the Alliance for Progressives (AP) decide to join the coalition.

Speaking at a press Conference yesterday, Boko said even though the leadership of AP has indicated that they will join only under certain conditions, he is adamant that they would back down once their hearts have healed. “It is normal that after people have fought, they believe that they cannot work together because they would have been hurt. But after healing and reflecting they would be able to think differently,” said Boko. “The issue of constituency allocation should be an easy thing to resolve. These brains here, together with the membership would be able to resolve that.”

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) leader, Dumelang Saleshando also concurred with Boko that when they are infightings in a party, some people can make pronouncement which are harsh because they are hurt but ultimately they would be able to also re-consider what they said before. “When we were fighting with BNF in Palapye, we were wishing them death, but later on we started working together,” he said. Saleshando further gave example of couples who when they divorce, they fight bitterly only for them to reconcile and re-marry.   

AP had announced at their unveiling in September that it will return to UDC only when Sidney Pliane and the disputed BMD leadership elected at Bobonong Congress are not part of the coalition. There have been reports that, even if the AP was to accept Pilane as part of the UDC leadership, the issue of constituency allocation would remain a stumbling block. Boko has however state, constituency allocation would be the least of their problem.

Interim leader of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD), Nehemiah Modubule said even though they do not have a problem with working with the AP, he would only promise that “they will cross the bridge when they get there.” It is expected that should AP wish to join the UDC, it will be under the detriment of BMD which will be forced to cede some of its allocated constituencies to AP especially those currently held by the sitting Members of Parliament and councillors.

Botswana Peoples Party (BPP) Chairman, Richard Gudu has assured that they are committed to the UDC project despite what has been reported about their anticipated departure to AP. “We remain UDC because that is the position and the mandate of the party as given by the membership,” he said. Let people not be confused by personal statements by some of our colleagues in the party leadership.

Gudu was by all accounts referring to BPP president, Motlatsi Molapisi who have been seen flirting with newly formed AP. Although Molapisi has proved to be sympathetic to AP, he has assured that BPP remains a member of UDC in good standing. BPP has not been attending UDC meetings owing to their grievances with regard to unresolved constituency allocation. BPP had requested UDC to reconsider giving it additional constituencies

At the press conference the UDC leadership officially recognised the interim leadership of the BMD. This is subsequent to a resolution by the UDC instructing the party to hold an elective congress for the purpose of electing a proper leadership. In the interim the BMD leadership was requested to submit four names to serve in the UDC NEC until the congress has been held. BMD announced earlier this week that although in principle they do not agree with UDC ruling, they would accept the verdict. The party is scheduled to meet for congress on the 2nd of December this year.



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