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BTCL growth strategy is customer centric – Masunga

Publishing Date : 13 November, 2017


BTCL Chief Executive Officer, Mr Anthony Masunga has affirmed that customers are the backbone of the company’s success hence the decision to come up with initiatives aimed at improving customers satisfaction levels.

Masunga was speaking at the BTCL Annual General Meeting where customers expressed general satisfaction with the performance of the company. The BTC CEO noted that customer satisfaction levels have been improving since last year. He acknowledged that concerns raised by customers are addressed on an ongoing basis and he is confident that satisfaction levels will continue to rise as more customer centric initiatives are introduced at the BSE listed company.

According to Masunga BTC shareholders received a good return on investment and he declared that the company will continue to reward all its stakeholders.  He noted that BTCL through its beMobile unit has gained significant competitive advantage in the mobile domain, BTCL has a PTO Licence issued by the regulator, BOCRA. BTCL is, however, the only PTO Licence holder operating both the traditional fixed and mobile networks. The beMobile unit has gained significant competitive advantage in the mobile domain, particularly in remote areas because of its extensive mobile coverage.

This network strength resulted in a 65% market share in fixed broadband and data services, 90% in fixed network voice services and 17% in mobile connections. Masunga further indicated that the BTCL is contributing to the country at a broader level by paying taxes, creating jobs, providing infrastructure that supports other businesses, raising entrepreneurs who market and distribute BTCL related products and services among other things.

Masunga’s observations are supported by the performance of the company over the years, BTCL has a profitable and strong business model. The company has been able to increase its revenue from P1.0bn in 2011 to P1.47bn in 2015, while profit after tax has risen from P177mn in 2011 to a high of P273.6mn in 2013 before falling to P146.8mn in 2015. In addition BTCL has been paying a very good dividend of 5.66thebe per share in 2011, 7.11thebe in 2012 and 50.68thebe per share in 2014, reflecting a healthy cash flow position and profitability.

For her part the BTCL Board Chairperson, Mrs Lorato Boakgomo-Ntakhwana noted the company’s strong business fundamentals and assured the audience at the AGM that the company will continue the upward trajectory. At the AGM the customers were told of the BTCL growth strategy which is centred on leveraging its FMC products and services potential. The strategy includes driving mobile and broadband and leveraging BTCL’s unique market position as the incumbent supplier of fixed mobile and broadband services in Botswana to create a competitive advantage by combining traditional fixed, mobile, broadband, information and content capabilities to form converged product and service offers.



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