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BAA’s half a million debt

Publishing Date : 30 October, 2017


Axed Botswana Athletics Association (BAA) Administration Officer, Holiday Matibini has yet again dragged State President Ian Khama’s ministry into his affairs with BAA. This time, he wants the office to intervene and help him get P 415000.00 from BAA, an amount he insists he is owed by the Association.

In a concise letter dated 18 October 2017 directed to the senior Private Secretary to the President George Tlhalerwa, Matibini says; “This serves to request your highly esteemed office to intervene in my case and help me get my monies amounting to BWP 415 000.00 from BAA.”

Attached is a letter to BAA on September 15th in which he asked the BAA to facilitate his payment of P50, 000 for making a database for the association in 2014. “The invoice was sent to the office after I submitted the system, until now the payment has not been expedited,” read a letter to the BAA Secretary General.

Minutes of the 2nd October 2015 BAA EXCO meeting have also been attached to corroborate that indeed BAA appointed him to do the ‘database at a cheaper price’. “We have since requested the database quotations from companies. All prices were very high. But since Matibini is computer literate, the president has appointed him to do it at a cheaper price.” Expenses for this were to be facilitated using funds from the IAAF grant, according to the minutes.  

Matibini has had a longstanding case against BAA since last year. Initially, the association had insisted on an ‘amicable settlement’ by withdrawing the case at the police which Matibini could only accept with conditions. He said his name was tarnished and he was “tortured by the intelligence group by being thrown to the SSKB lions which traumatized my life. I was thrown into Gaborone dam and also received beatings behind SSKA just to mention but a few.”

“Therefore with this, I am requesting for the amount of P360 000.00 as our amicable settlement,” he said in another letter to BAA in June this year. Further the ex-officer wants his $500 allowance for the 2014 Africa Youth Games LOC to be credited.
However all his letters sent to BAA were never replied, hence his seeking Khama’s intervention.

Why he was sacked

The disillusioned officer was suspended and ultimately sacked following suspicions of fraud at the BAA in 2016. He is alleged to have forged signatures on some BAA Government Purchase Orders (GPO), which he then used to ‘con’ some unsuspecting small business owners of their cash on the pretext of giving them tenders at the BAA. He is nonetheless steadfast that despite the accusations and punishments he has been subjected to he “was doing what the association’s principals had instructed me to do”.



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