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Nampak DivFood Botswana launches operations

Publishing Date : 09 October, 2017

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Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) has on the 5th of October launched operations of one of its investments, Nampak DivFood Botswana in Lobatse. Officiating at the launch was Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Vincent. T. Seretse. Nampak DivFood Botswana is a Joint Venture between Nampak and BDC with 74% and 26% shareholding respectively.

The operation is a Lobatse based manufacturing plant specialising in the production of can ends or lids. Nampak is Africa’s largest packaging company which operates from 28 sites in South Africa, 15 sites in the Rest of Africa, as well as 8 sites in the United Kingdom. The group participates in extensive collection and recycling initiatives and continues to invest significant time and resources into the development of sustainable products.

In his welcome note address, Mr Bashi Gaetsaloe highlighted that the partnership between BDC and Nampak DivFood came to being after the review of Can Manufacturers Botswana business model. He mentioned that due to significant and prolonged challenges faced by the business, there was need for a turnaround strategy which was achieved by introducing Nampak as a technical partner.

“BDC identified Nampak as the best technical partner for this project for various reasons including: their technical expertise, experience; regional reach with a strong market as well as business ethos including commitment to green technology.” Gaetsaloe stated. He further added that Nampak DivFoods Botswana will be exporting 100% of their production thereby contributing to diversification of exports and foreign earnings for the country. During his keynote address the Minister reiterated that BDC’s mandate which remains crucial and relevant to date, is to promote and facilitate economic development of Botswana through funding of commercially viable enterprises in the country by partnering with both local and foreign investors.

The minister cited that the Corporation’s joint-venture operation with Nampak is therefore at thevery core of the principle of their foundation and the development of the country’s manufacturing base. “In delivering its mandate, BDC contributes towards Government’s broad objective of diversifying the economy, growing exports, and generating returns for the shareholder.” The Minister underscored this last point by highlighting that: “as the Government’s investment arm – BDC must create meaningful returns for its shareholders.”

The honourable Minister further stated that the Government of Botswana is passionate about industrialising Botswana and growing the economy. “We will continue to seek such partnerships, attract foreign direct investment and actively pursue a diversified and private sector led economy. “He confirmed.  He continued to assure the business community that his Ministry will continue to create a conducive environment for local and foreign investors that seek to do business in the country. Seretse stated that in order for Botswana to be competitive in the world economy, the private and public sectors must be able to engage in trade, and offer high quality products and services, and gain market share locally, regionally and internationally.

Speaking to this point Mr Gaetsaloe mentioned that in delivering their mandate it is crucial that solid partnerships be fostered between the public sectors and the private sector. He further stated that at BDC, commercial viability and sustainability are key tenets that they pursue in any venture undertaken. “BDC will continue on an aggressive path of developing partnerships with the private sector as it is our mutual interest to strive to expand our businesses and achieve economic growth and sustainability for the country. We have developed an ambitious strategy premised on among others partnerships and regional reach which we believe will attract more giants of Nampak capacity going forward,” Gaetsaloe emphasised.

In closing Mr Gaetsaloe stated that in light of the strong forces reshaping the global and regional economies, multi-national and national corporations, new challenges continue to emerge which require continual repositioning. “At BDC we believe that the future of Botswana lies in our ability to create sustainable and globally competitive industries. Businesses should be ready to adopt smart processes and the latest technologies to ensure that they can compete regionally and internationally.

Not only does this abode well for the enterprise, but it also cements Botswana’s position as a destination for FDI.” Concluded Gaetsaloe, “We are proud that this JV between BDC and Nampak is shining example of a locally-based firm with the competitiveness and efficiencies to penetrate regional markets. In conclusion, the Minister extended his appreciation to Nampak for having the appetite to bring their business into Botswana. He further commended BDC for delivering on its mandate, and encouraged the Corporation to invest in more sustainable ventures that will develop the country’s economic landscape.



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