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Morwaeng hopes for ‘lady luck’ in BDP primaries

Publishing Date : 09 October, 2017


Former Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) National Organising Secretary, Kabo Morwaeng has confirmed that he will be trying his luck again the upcoming Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) primary elections. 

The former Barataphathi stalwart will battle it out with another perennial loser Shima Monageng for Molepolole South, currently under Dr Tlamelo Mmatli of Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC). The constituency was previously held by Daniel Kwelagobe until his loss to Dr Mmatli in 2014 general elections. Morwaeng, somewhat a gifted politician, has had a political career dominated by controversies which borders on bad luck. He was among the first young generation of cosmopolitan professionals that joined the BDP in the early 1990s when the party was only known to be a party of rural folks.  

“He was blue eyed boy, the rising star under tutelage of DK [Daniel Kwelagobe] and GUS [Gaotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri]. He was all set to win Mogoditshane which previously was BDP stronghold,” said his close ally. Ahead of the 1994 general elections, Morwaeng was destined for stardom in future cabinet of President Sir Ketumile Masire. During that era, it is reported that Kwelagobe’s influence was so huge that he literally decided who makes it to the cabinet. With Morwaeng being DK’s blue eyed boy, his feat was sealed.

However, the factional battles within the party were at their gravest. In the wake of Kgabo Commission scandal, which pitted Kwelagobe/Mmusi faction against The Big Five comprising; Mompati Merafhe, David Magang, Roy Blackbeared, Chapson Butale and Bahiti Temane — saw the party at war with itself. In the preceding year, The Big Five have lost big time against Kwelagobe/Mmusi faction in Central Committee elections, which made the former to seek revenge. Although The Big Five did not have control of the party, they held key ministerial positions to frustrate their opponents. Morwaeng became the victim of such undoing.

“A yellow monster was sent a few weeks before the general elections and everything else changed; voters rebelled,” said the source. “He was one of the causalities of 1994. Had he won at 29 he would have became the youngest MP; gone into cabinet and today we could be talking President Morwaeng. But such is politics and life.” Morwaeng lost the constituency to Mokgweetsi Kgosipula of Botswana National Front (BNF). In that election year BNF moved from three seats to a historic 13 seats in parliament.

After the ignominy of losing Mogoditshane to BNF, another opportunity came in Kweneng South. The constituency was left vacant by the death of former Vice President, Peter Mmusi, who died few weeks ahead of general elections. Morwaeng won the subsequent primary elections. However, as bad luck would have it, the central committee overturned the decision and instead put Gladys Kokorwe as the BDP candidate.

 Morwaeng then grew delusional; dumped the party and headed to opposition politics — joining the burgeoning BNF. It was anticipated that following the 1994 electoral success, BNF was in a pole position to win power in the 199 general elections. It needed only eight more seats to send BDP to the cleaners. Just on the eve of general elections lighting hit home; BNF started tearing itself apart. Morwaeng found himself entangled in the factional wars which eventually gave birth to Botswana Congress Party (BCP). He was among those who founded the BCP.  

In 2002, Morwaeng made up his mind to return home. The opposition poltics were not delivering the goods as he had expected. His return to BDP however was not a happy home coming. His arrival saw the party being divided over his decision to participate in the 2003 primaries. Two years had not elapsed as a BDP member to qualify him to contest, but central committee gave him a good ahead. However he lost the subsequent elections to party stalwart Matlhabaphiri in a bid for newly created Molepolole North constituency.

Few years down the line, Morwaeng as among a group of Barataphathi stalwarts who went on to form Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) in the wake of another bout of factional wars. He was elected as member of BDP Central Commitee in 2009 Kanye Congress, but later the suspension of the late Gomolemo Motswaledi and subsequent court battle triggered the resignations en mass from the party. After two years at the party Morwaeng returned to BDP again. He however did not participate in the 2013 party primaries.



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