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Metal Madness

Publishing Date : 25 September, 2017


It is a busy schedule for Overthrust, a local based death-metal band that originates from Ghanzi. From performing in Angola at the ORLEI fest in Huambo, on August 26th the band is now readying to play in Europe - a slew of gigs in Germany and Holland indeed.

Overthrust made their mark worldwide last year when they rocked the audience at Wacken, the world’s biggest metal festival, after which they proceeded to play several other gigs in Germany and Switzerland, winning countless new fans. It is no doubt now that the metal band has left a lasting impression around the world – hence their being invited back to Germany this year. They caught the attention of the organizers of ORLEI, Angola’s rock and metal festival when they were on tour in Europe. Most of times the band sticks to playing brutal old-school death metal. They also recorded an EP which they released before they headed again to Europe.

The much talked about Europe tour started on the 19th September 2017 and will end on 4th October 2017. While in Europe Overthrust is expected to perform in Germany and Netherlands: Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Oostburg, Groningen, Bremen, Rostock, Berlin, Bielefeld, Troisdorf, Mainz, Mannheim, Hamburg. AudioInferno is quoted saying: “If you like death metal raw and true to the sound of the nineties, you should certainly check out these guys debut record “Desecrated Deeds To Decease” which they published by their own in 2015”.

The band currently consists of five musicians all of whom are an integral part of the Botswana metal scene. Once a year they organize their own “Overthrust Winter Metal Mania Fest” in Ghanzi, where they were founded in 2008. They donate all the money to charity. Being in a metal band means a lot to OVERTHRUST, that is to live Rock’n’Roll whilst being responsible for one’s social surroundings. 

In one of their international interviews, the Botswana metal group distinguishes itself by a special love for costumes and leather attires. This has earned Botswana’s rock musicians a lot of fans and of course attracted some media interest from CNN, BBC, Deutsche Welle, Sat 1 and Deutschlandfunk. 

The Metal group has played several times in South Africa over the years, but this year they intend to line up more shows in African countries.

They currently have scheduled shows for Angola (again) and Kenya. Overthrust entered the European territories by being invited for a cultural project at Kampnagel, Hamburg. Alongside playing in Zürich and Karlsruhe, they caught some attention at the Wacken Festival where they entered the Wasteland Stage. According to media reports it is still uncommon to see African metal bands playing around there but Overthrust is doing it hard and changing people’s minds around the place. “Metal has always been too global to be restricted to few spots. Let’s join the extreme metal madness,” they said.



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