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The importance of formal education to pastors

Publishing Date : 12 September, 2017

Author :

Kungwengwe Star Charles

Moses, Paul of Tarsus, and Jesus Christ are arguably the greatest actors in the bible in terms of influence. Indeed they are the major players in the title picture.

They were also among some of the most educated persons of all time in the Bible. And this sets the entry –point of the correlation ship between formal education and leadership in Churches and any other field also. It is for the same reason that Pastors have to go to Academic institutions in order to enrich their knowledge and further enhance wisdom. This learning would also go a long way in developing writing and oratorical prowess and the attendant benefit of achieving precision; research, translation, analytical and reading skills; interpretation of the word skills, among others, and these are indispensable assets in the field. It is a known fact that language and intellectual development are indeed interrelated!

Moses is arguably one of, if not the most educated man of his time. As the adopted son in Pharaoh‘s household, he attended the best schools in Egypt (Acts 7:20-22).And Egyptian civilization had reached its peak at precisely that time. It is therefore not sheer coincidence that he became the law-giver(Exodus 20:1-17) ;teacher ;historian, from whom we rely on the History of not only the Israelis, but Mankind  also; census officer (Numbers 1:2)miracle worker (the so-called miracles are usually a matter of psycho-therapy  Mark 6:5) judge (Exodus 18:13),prophet(Deuteronomy 34:10) ; social and natural scientist ;military and political genius ;a leader ; administrator , who divided the country into various administrative districts for easy management; bible writer(the Torah from   Genesis to Deuteronomy) ,all rolled into one. And God chooses his agents from among such enlightened people. Most of the miracles he performed have a scientific explanation to the learned, eg Exodus 14:21 regarding the parting of the Red Sea, or to anyone with the most basic knowledge of Geography.

He acquired the much needed hands-on approach , to complement his theory, when he went  to stay with his father in –law , Jethro , at Media(Exodus 2:15ff).As a shepherd ,he thus had enough time to study the geography of Palestine before he could lead the Israelites back home. Moses ‘ grave is still a closely guarded secret to this day, probably because God feared that disciples would end up worshipping it given his immense influence.(Exodus 34:8)

Contrary to what most people believe, Moses‘s upbringing, more than divine inspiration, had a bearing on his Ministerial abilities. As can be seen, he was VERY EDUCATED (though his intelligence is not evident). Though there is no supporting evidence infrom the text, Jesus Christ himself might have had ample time to learn secular things, as shown by his wisdom and earthly examples that he employed in his parables, and added that to his theocratic understanding.

He  started his Ministry at around 30 .Since the bible is silent about his life between 12 and 29 ,we have reasonable grounds to suspect that he had gone back to Egypt ,the then center of Civilization ,where he  studied widely  , in such fields as  psychology ,medicine(he knew for example psycho-therapy Mark 6:5 and comma Mark 5:39) ,philosophy(the Socratic approach Matthew 21:23-26,Mark 11:27-33,Luke 20:1-6) ,biology ,physics and geography.

He must have also studied basic law and knew such grounds of justification as necessity ,as evidenced in the Sabbath controversies eg he emphasized the fact that  human need overrides the need to observe the Sabbath(Mark 2:23ff) .From this knowledge ,he was in support of Natural Law ,as opposed to Positivism .Which is precisely why ,unlike the  Scribes, he taught with authority(Mark 1:22,27).   This writer does not, however, doubt his Divinity. Daniel, who, probably, due to the learned skill, tamed lions in their own den, is also reputed to have been educated and hence his influence was immense .He knew the psychology of lions, for example.



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