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Question marks over Mayor’s marathon

Publishing Date : 11 September, 2017


Botswana Athletics Association (BAA) has distanced itself from the much anticipated Gaborone Mayor’s Marathon which they say was organized without their input.

Organizers of the inaugural event, whose date has already been set, are accused of doing all preparations of the event outside the rules of BAA, and primarily those of the International Athletics Association Federation (IAAF). BAA has recently been treading carefully, particularly where marathons are concerned, as to avoid getting on the wrong side of the IAAF. So far, Mayor Kagiso Thutlwe has approached Thari Mooketsi’s office which has been watching the unfolding dynamics from afar, though with keen interest.

“They wrote to the office asking us to sanction the event but we told them to postpone the event on the basis that we have just held the Phikwe marathon and the next event should be after three months. This is so because we have few marathon athletes and we should give them some space to rest as per the IAAF rules,” a source at BAA said. However, the event which has managed to raise P2 million according to Thutlwe will be held next weekend at the National Stadium.

Another half marathon organized by Lucara is scheduled in the same month and BAA is worried that since both marathons have the same participants, athletes will not have enough rest in between the events. “But this one is a half marathon,” said a source when asked why they will host the Lucara event within three months.

The association will disregard the event as a marathon but take it as a ‘fun run’. The stance by BAA would be taken as a way of not ruffling their principals, IAAF’s feathers. The IAAF wants all athletics events to be sanctioned by a national association, in this case BAA. The Mayor’s marathon has been broken into three categories 42km, 10km and the 5km fun run. Choppies are powering the event at a tune of P500, 000.

When fielding this publication’s enquiries on the matter, Mayor Thutlwe had said that as far as he knew, his office had gotten in contact with the BAA through the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) and told them about the marathon.
“All I know is that my office wrote a letter to BAA via BNSC over this event, and if they claim they were not informed of the marathon, it is not my duty to facilitate between their offices. It is not my fault that the communiqué has not reached them,” the mayor told this publication last month.

Reikeletseng slams BAA leadership

Meanwhile the Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) boss, Solly Reikeletseng condemned BAA’s attitude towards the marathon. “BAA shouldn’t move sports backwards they should sit around with the organizers and sort this issue out. They are short sighted, they have been failing to attract sponsors and here is an initiative and they are scaring potential sponsors away.

I heard the event has raised P2 million, an amount BAA has never raised. There is a leadership deficiency in our sport. The association should advise the mayor accordingly because they are the experts. They have the power but they should also exercise responsibility,” he said. Reikeletseng has supported the initiative from day and has been seen at some of the activations for the marathon.



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