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Women in Mining Conference comes to GICC

Publishing Date : 11 September, 2017


The Women In Mining International Conference, which is now a model women empowerment annual conference is upon us. The one-day conference will be held on the 14th September 2017 at the Gaborone International Convention Centre. Male Directors and Managers have been asked to release women to attend the event.

The theme of the conference is; Women In Mining Botswana: Addressing the Conceptual Challenges and Seizing Transformation Opportunities. The primary target of the conference is to inspire and promote women in the mining industry. This unique women empowerment conference furthermore invites all women looking to make their mark in any male dominated sector or business.

Women in Mining is an initiative that many countries across the world have embraced, with a view to providing females working in the mining industry with an opportunity to demonstrate their capability in this previously male dominated industry.
“We found it fit to organise this platform for women in Botswana’s mining industry, in order to afford them an opportunity to showcase their contribution to the country’s mining industry, whilst also enabling them to learn from each other’s experience.”
It is also expected to contribute positively to the advancement of all issues pertaining to women’s progress within the mining industry, stated a press release from the organisers.

The conference, which is targeted at women in mining, will offer participants an opportunity to discuss topics such as mentorship and coaching as essentials for success. Participants will also start dialogue on the role of women as change agents in the workplace and how to attract more women into the professional mining industry, as well as discussions on how to build a career in mining and create a work/personal life balance.

One of the highlights of the Women in Mining International Conference will be the participation of IWiM. Generally speaking, IWiM aims to implement initiatives that improve worldwide gender balance in the mining industry, and foster the professional development of women in mining and we are engaging with 45+ women in mining groups globally. (IWIM website)

IWiM is currently developing projects to: Increase the number of women serving on boards via our Women on Boards webinar programme; Increase the number of women presenting at mining conferences via IWiMSpeakUp project; and Improve the representation of women in the industry via our photo campaign. IWiM provides information, links to resources and facilitates lively discussions on issues important to women working in the industry. To highlight the importance of having women participate in the mining Industry, iWIM is doing to advocate for such all over the world and in Africa in particular.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dorcas Makgato has been identified as one of the motivators in the country. She is expected to speak to how she overcomes the challenges of working in male dominated work places from her time at Barloworld to date.
Another speaker from the local scene is Nametso Ntsosa- Carr, who is the WIBA President. WIBA encourages women to do their best in male dominated industries.



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