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BFA gets tough on club licensing

Publishing Date : 04 September, 2017


Four BTC premiership clubs will have to double their efforts if they are to obtain an outright A license. This follows the clubs failure to meet the minimum requirements when it comes to club licensing.

The Botswana Football Association (BFA) has promised tough sanctions - which may include among others expulsion from the elite league. Mochudi Centre Chiefs, Black Forest, Sharps Shooting Stars and Miscellaneous are facing the claws and jaws of the BFA and by extension, those of the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The clubs have been given provisional (B) license with a pass of 65% or lower. According to First Instance Body (FIB) chairperson, Mfolo Mfolo provisional licenses were awarded on Failure to address Critical Areas in sporting, administrative, personnel and financials.

The four clubs are skating on thin ice as they risk being ejected from the premier league should they fail to adhere to the standards of club licensing. Later this month CAF will come to snoop around to validate that indeed what is on paper is actually on the ground. “The clubs were given a maximum of two months (until 31st October 2017) to adhere to the shortfalls noted during the exercise. And they are at liberty to correct the raised shortcomings before the set date,” Mfolo said. With the teams still under provisional licenses, should they fail to upgrade they might even be ejected from the league. “This is a CAF requisite and if clubs fail they are failing the association. CAF could sanction the association either by fine, expulsion or suspension, so this should be taken very seriously,” he warned.

Kgatleng giants, Mochudi Centre have reportedly left some areas blank on the forms and had not arranged the file correctly. Chiefs has no information recorded under “Sporting” and had not provided any information under “Finance”- the team did not provide financial and income statement. As for administration and personnel, particularly under - Physio therapy – Boitekanelo College had been put down but no supporting documentation was provided. Under Technical Head coach available the contract was not provided. While the coach’s qualifications were available, (UEFA B Diploma), those of the Assistant coach were not provided.

For Black Forest under “Sporting”- no youth development program was provided. The Mmakgodi outfit provided list of U13, U15 and U17 however without supporting documentation while for “Infrastructure”-no documentation was provided. For “Finance” financial and income statements, though available were not qualified by an external auditor. Miscellaneous which got 55% under “Sporting” -submitted but it needs to be improved (weekly training program not monthly). For “Youth development program” Youth teams list for U17 was provided without supporting documentation. For “Infrastructure” under “Training fields” no information was provided as well as under “Stadium availability”.

Under “Administration and Personnel” they only listed an office but provided no lease. Under “Finances” they also provided necessary documents save for the balance sheet. The income statement was also not qualifies by an external auditor. Somerset Gobuiwang backed side, Sharps Shooting Stars which recorded 60% pass rate is expected to have pulled its socks before the October deadline. For “Sporting they availed youth development program however no infrastructure for training and match facilities for the youth team were mentioned. There was no budget attached for youth development and there was no detailed training program along with medical documentation and proof of medical fitness by players.

The team also had no contract for a Security Officer and the supporting documents, no contract of the Finance Officer and supporting documents, no goalkeeper coach, no qualifications for technical staff, no proper arrangement of information for easy access and no information regarding a Public Relations Officer.

The team had availed a contract with Zita Clinic but it was not signed. There were no supporting documents for a Medical Doctor; no senior team list and player profiles were provided. Further, there was no indication of the home, away and alternative playing kits. As for financials, the documents provided were not qualified by an eternal auditor. Gate takings were not recorded and income Tax clearance had expired in June 2017.



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