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Khoi-Fro featured on TV documentary in Finland

Publishing Date : 04 September, 2017


Local Fashion icon, Tsholo Dikobe’s Khoi-Fro will be featured in an 8 episode series documentary in one of Europe’s biggest television stations. The docu-series, set to air around October/November this year will document the brand and Dikobe’s fashion exertion.

Dikobe is a young enthusiastic fashion designer and among Africa’s trailblazers in the fashion industry. She has under her belt several awards, from being voted Most Stylish Female by Glamour magazine, to Innovative Designer of the year at Africa Fashion Week London, and also amongst the top 12 best African Fashion Multipliers by Berlin Africa Fashion Day to mention a few. Her works continue to be shared extensively across the globe and she is more that determined to climb the ladder of greatness to chase her dreams.

The fashion guru takes pride in her origins and roots. The Khoi-fro, in essence is an ode to an African woman who is rooted in naturalness, individuality, authenticity and wholeness. The brand is inspired by the Khoisan, a clan which originated in Southern Africa, regarded as the 'first' or "real - real' people to occupy the earth, hunting and gathering for their livelihood - An ode to a way of life that she believes perfectly sums up her fashion life. In an interview with WeekendLife, Dikobe expressed said being featured in one of Europe’s biggest TV station will give her career mileage and recognize her efforts in the fashion industry.

“I am a fashion artist and there is no greater joy than seeing your work being appreciated by the world you didn’t even realize you could reach. It means I get to tell my story in folds to millions of people across the world. Moreover, this milestone means opening more doors for me, to Botswana fashion and her fashion enthusiasts, and hopefully lure in investors, and collaborators with Batswana for the international fashion market,” she said.

She believes this platform will give her career another stepping stone and that it is an indication that she is in the right path. “For my career, it means I am taking a step in the right direction to fulfilling my dream of building a fashion empire. This international interview will surely expand my brand, product and service offering, and definitely gain me an access to new technologies and the world market,” she highlighted. She is of the view that her authenticity and being rooted in her origins and her fashion choices, her flair, knack and knowledge of fashion is what landed her the opportunity.

“I believe in myself and my craft so much. I really believe that fashion is what I was meant to do and be. When I talk about “the sciences of appearances”, everything comes to me naturally and effortlessly. Another reason is that I am authentic to myself and proud of my African roots or origins. People always are attracted to a person who knows and loves themselves and a true story,” she explained. According to her, a crew consisting of a Finnish female journalist and male videographer who had a 10 day stay in Botswana camped in the Makgadikgadi and further enjoyed the sunny Botswana. The purpose of the visit was to explore and expose Botswana, show the world the Botswana or the great Africa that is usually not shown in the media.

“The presenter of the show informed me that when she googled Botswana fashion, what pops up first is my name and my colorful images, and that that was a confirmation because she already followed my work online. I am truly humbled by the recognition and opportunity yet again,” she said. She believes this is another milestone added in her fashion career and she is hoping that this will open more doors for her and Botswana fashion, and further nudge collaborations with the international market. Moreover, she said that the visit was also for her to talk about her work as a fashion stylist, fashion journalist curator and a brand as the Khoi-Fro and her accomplishment thus far.



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