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Kwa Isong event to promote culture diversity

Publishing Date : 04 September, 2017


Two vibrant youth companies, Paw Print and Media NIO Visuals have partnered with Camel’s Inn Lodge to launch an event dubbed Kwa Isong whose objective is to promote cultural diversity for the local and international market.

The event, launched last Saturday runs under the theme “Diversity in Culture, A focus on selected Traditional Setswana Cuisine.” The event is an all comprising event which caters for both Corporate and families; and will captivate mature audience as well as the youth and younger generation and musicians alike and will be held monthly. The event Organizer and managing director of Nio Visuals, Frank Oteng explained to WeekendLife that, “The aim of the event is to promote cultural diversity. Its cultural preservation type of event in which we promote culture from food to traditional games. That’s why we have different menus which come differently every month,” said Oteng.

He went on to say that, “We engaged groups like Botswana games that teach attendees different traditional games from Chama, morabaraba, mhele, koi etc. Traditional dance and poetry in which most upcoming groups & artists showcase their talent to reach out to potential clients who they may need their services in the nearby future.” “We have stalls selling traditional stuff; it’s a platform for them also to sell their products. We have kids’ corners in which we teach our little children about our culture; the aim is for them to know more about our culture. Because we realized most events nowadays are not aimed at children and our elders. That’s where we go in, but through that culture perspective, “he added.

Oteng asserted that, “the event  which will be steeped in the relaxing ambience of good music, great company, good food and beverages, colourful and meaningful sponsor, is billed to take place every last Saturday of the month.” He added that the event will benefit its audience in the sense that, it is a recreational activity for people to unwind, build a team spirit, and provide marketing and brand awareness for companies as they are allowed to bring their promotional materials e.g. (telescopic banner, Tear Drops) and Promote culture among their staff and cultural exchange with foreigners within organizations.

Oteng concluded that, “that going forward we will be inviting well known jazz artists, local and international as we are already in talks with them”. There will be six corners at the Event on the day, Toddler’s corner, Kids Corner, young adult’s corner, men’s corner and women’s corner.

Tickets for this event are sold at BWP 100 for Adults, BWP 40 for children under the age of 12 (Ticket include a plate of food and drink; bojalwa jwa Setswana or traditional Ginger – Gemere, BWP 50 for your cooler box. Stalls are also available for P200
For further information please contact the Event Organizers on the following lines to enquire and tickets: + 267 316 7005, + 267 73 994 217, + 267 74 516 953



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