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Botswana Post launches Bustards stamp issue

Publishing Date : 07 August, 2017


In their continued bid to raise awareness about endangered birds species in country, Botswana Post this week released the third stamp issue of 2017 aimed at bird conservation. Endangered birds of Botswana: The Bustards; is the second issue in the endangered birds series which was launched in 2015 with ‘Save Botswana’s vultures’ stamp issue.

The endangered birds series is intended to promote conservation of the birds species as its population continues to decline due to different reasons. The bustards stamp is intended to send a message that creates wareness to the world, on this threatened birds species in Botswana.

The issue is delivered as a set of five stamps depicting:

Kgori/ Kori Bustard, Botswana’s national bird. These birds are the largest and heaviest of the world’s flying birds. Although it is illegal to hunt the Kori Bustard in Botswana, the birds have become scarce outside protected areas largely because people still kill them for their meat.

The other species is the Black- Bellied Korhan, found only in the northen part of the country. Its population is declining largely because of habitant degradation. Also, the Denham’s Bustard, which is a rare species with its geographical range largely restricted to northern Botswana, notably the Linyati concession. This species is estimated to be in a moderately rapid population decline owing to hunting and conversion of grassland habitant for agriculture.

Mokgweba/ Red- Crested Koorhan, a common bird throughout most of the grassland of the country, but is more often heard than seen; its whistling call is a common evening sound across most rural Botswana settlements.

Motlatlawe/ Northern Black Koorhan, found in much of Botswana open areas or with few trees or bushes. Their popultaion is declining presumably as a result of livestock overgrazing habitant. Ludwig’s Bustard, the distribution is largely restricted to the Kgalagadi Transfortier Park and its environs. The ‘hard core’ desert dwelling species is normadic and a partial migrant, in response to rain. Regretably its because of this time that it collides with powerlines, which seemily are the greatest threat to this bird.

The bustards were drawn by Katlego Baloi, a young Motswana artist who crafted Botswana’s beauty for the rest of the world to see, all in messages of conservation. His preffered medium is photography but has recently included different graphic design approaches to his repertoire.



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