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…Shumba to Moses…

Publishing Date : 31 July, 2017


The Exodus hero Moses, sometimes tagged The Biblical Moses, the recipient of the Ten Commandments in the Bible, and a Hebrew prophet who was the leader of the Hebrew people when they left Egypt, is the influence behind Moses Malapela commonly known as Shumba Ratshega in music circles.

Malapela has decided to swap his trademark ‘parental advisory’ traditional music lyrics for the pulpit and he is now Prophet Moses and he operates a church in Mogoditshane. His stage name Shumba means Lion, and he is anticipates powerful sermons delivered through his vociferous lion-like voice. Shumba Ratshega popularized by several of hit songs including “kgweetsa nkuku” has announced his calling as a prophet and has opened a church in Mogoditshane Block 9 called Heaven Harvest Ministries and he now goes by the name Prophet Moses.

As a musician, Prophet Moses specialized in traditional songs. He first made headlines with his album titled 'Ntopolele Bichana'. He has eight albums to his name. In an interview, Malapela makes it clear that he has always known that he had the call from God to impact lives and he has finally decided to respond to it. He further shared with WeekendLife that he has quit the traditional dance music and is now pursuing the will of God over his life which is to minister healing, deliverance, reconciliation to God and Prophecy.“I am out of the traditional dance music until our Lord Jesus Christ comes,” he asserted.  “God told me to go and reconnect His people with Him, to reveal the truth and the secrets of God,” he further said.

As much as the ‘Makhirikhiri” hit maker loves his music, he feels he does not have a choice but to pursue the will of God over his life. The Prophet says he was told to go and tell the flock of God that the Holy Spirit does not dwell in a sinful body and that God hates sin and he is more than determined to voice out the word of God to people. One major thing that he explained made him turn away from worldly music is his drive not to end up in hell and like many other Christians he wants to enjoy eternal peace in heaven. “I realized it is better for me to go to heaven than to end up in hell,” he explained.

Although Prophet Moses’ decision to dump traditional music for the pulpit has raised eyebrows, Malapela, formerly “Shumba Ratshega’’, says that he is not shocked that a lot of people are doubting. He is more than convinced that God called him and that he did not want to preach but God called him. “I did not want to do this but it is the grace of God over my life, God called me to preach the gospel, it is a season to preach through the Spirit not what you know,” he shares. Nonetheless, the man of God has turned away from his type of music and is now pursuing gospel music and he will be travelling to Serowe, Maun, Orapa and Paje to bid them goodbye and also to announce to them about the path he has chosen and his new faith in Christ Jesus.

Prophet Moses is not the first artist in Botswana to denounce the performance stage in favour of church sermons and prophecy. Botswana’s king of kwaito “Vee Mampeezy” took the same path after announcing that he had a call from God over his life to be a prophet, now “Prophet Vee” moves accurately in the prophetic and his music transitioned and is touched with an element of gospel. The “matshidiso’’ hit maker, Kgotla Kgaodi is another artist who transitioned to become a pastor and he has his own church and is a reformed man. Joel ‘Ntsoro’ Keitumele also gave up his comedy stage for the pulpit also answering a call from God.



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