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BFA to ditch Malesu

Publishing Date : 31 July, 2017


Ookeditse Malesu’s tenure as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Botswana Football Association (BFA) will not be extended beyond August 2017 following a resolution by the executive committee to cut ties with the former soldier -WeekendSport has been informed.

Malesu, a former board member of the Botswana’s highest sports body, Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC), has in his roughly six months in office earned himself a bad reputation and is accused of incompetence. The local football body is expected to make an official announcement on the 12th of August at its annual general assembly.

Malesu’s rise to the BFA plum post ruffled some feathers and caused the national executive committee to split upon his appointment in March. Sources say the president of the association MacLean Letshwiti has finally accepted the otherwise difficult pill to swallow that Malesu was never the right man to lead the association.

This impending move now vindicates the assessment of Letshwiti’s two vice presidents, Marshlow Motlogelwa and Segolame Ramotlhwa. It has been an open secret that the duo was in opposition of the appointment of the former swimming and karate administrator.
The association refused to reveal the salary scale Malesu is on, but it is believed he is among the highest paid employees.  The sport administrator was never given a full binding contract to sign, reports say. Upon his appointment, a three month probation was initiated whilst assessing his competence.  It appears that it was a rough three months for Malesu whom appraisals indicated that he was below par.

Owing to the disagreement of the executive committee regarding his credentials, BFA decided to give him another 3 months tenure hoping for improvement. However, the same story of ineffectiveness continued to play itself out, reports claim. “There is no more beating about the bush, the man was given a chance to prove himself, and our assessment is that he has failed,” a source shared. Through all the last six months, Malesu’s future has been on Letshwiti’s hands. It was believed that he was the only man-rightly so- as per the constitution who could sanction either the appointment or disapproval of Malesu.

“As far as we know, Malesu is still the head of secretariat of the association, any other information you are seeking is now beyond my portfolio,” said Tumo Mpatane, the BFA head of communication. BFA will as a result, open calls in pursuit of a well rounded sport administrator. According to the files of BFA, Malesu, having served the least time in office is perhaps the worst CEO the association has ever appointed. His impeding fall from grace brings to seven the number of failed BFA CEOs.  Duncan Kgame, Keith Masters, Thuso Dikgaka, Judge Mookodi, Mooketsi Kgotele and Kitso Kemoeng are among the CEOs who failed to see through their contractual agreements and instead had their contracts terminated.

Only Ashford Mamelodi and Styles Ntshinogang completed their three year contracts. When approached for clarity on his probation period, the limping CEO said he is not a man to discuss petty issues. He flatly refused to talk about his future at Lekidi saying, “My future does not concern anybody.”  More often than not, Malesu asked the football fraternity to refrain from unnecessary things and wait for the association to talk at the right time.



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