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BCP, BNF team up on EVM case

Publishing Date : 24 July, 2017


Opposition Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and Botswana National Front (BNF) have teamed up in a strategic move to shun the use of controversial Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in the coming 2019 General Elections.

Both parties have resolved in their respective conferences over the weekend that they will not be part of elections conducted through the easily manipulative EVMs.At the conference, BCP took a position to utterly “reject the use of EVMs in the 2019 General Elections and the related electoral reforms and to carryout demonstrations in collaboration with our UDC partners during the on-going court challenge.” On the other hand the BNF also resolved that “the party completely rejects the use of the EVMs, whether it has a paper trail or not, in the 2019 general elections.”

The party has therefore joined the BCP in its case before court asking for intervention to stop the elections from proceeding with the EVMs which they contend are hack-able. They say it will be unconstitutional for the government to continue with the use of EVMs despite wide resistance by the masses (electorates). Furthermore, the BCP conference had also reiterated the need for political party funding by the state. Both parties will support an ongoing court case which seeks for intervention to impede the elections from proceeding with the EVMs - contending that it will be unconstitutional.

It is also well documented that the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), EVMs Project Coordinator Gabriel Seeletso transverses the length and breadth of the country through kgotla meetings in which Batswana out rightly rejected the idea of the use of the machines at the next elections. However, government and IEC are on motion with logistical preparations to ensure that the machines are used in line with the amended Electoral Law. Apart from the contentious EVMs hot potato subject, BCP also made a resolution in terms of international relations that they have noted with concern the Botswana government’s eagerness to scuttle diplomatic relations with the Peoples Republic of China.

Botswana has already made arrangements for the controversial Dalai Lama to set foot in the country against China’s position particularly premised on the “one China policy.” BCP therefore says Botswana is romancing sour diplomatic relations with the economic Asia giant regarded as the second superpower after the United States of America. In light of the move, the BCP conference further resolved that the party should broaden its pool of international partners who share the same political ideals. It was also agreed at the conference that all “labour unions” should be encouraged to “work together” to leverage on their “strength” for a clear workers’ agenda and re-instatement of the Public Service Bargaining Council.

With regards to the Sale of State Assets, the conference further resolved that “the sale of State assets in what appears to unmitigated corruption should be challenged by all means possible including demonstrations and legal means.” On the Mosu Construction the conference resolved that the Central Committee of the party should pursue with the Ombudsman, the case of using and abusing State resources for the construction of President Ian Khama’s estate at Mosu. The conference also resolved to endorse the decision of the Central Committee to challenge the government’s position on removal of medical cover for what is considered self-inflicted harm as unethical and discriminatory.



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