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BoBA: 2020 Olympics top agenda

Publishing Date : 10 July, 2017


By the time the newly elected Botswana Boxing Association (BoBA) committee was enthroned last Friday, they had already drafted a ‘to do list’ for their term in office.

Although they have a lot in their plate before they can boost the diminishing image of the ring sport, Olympic qualification is their main focus after failing to make it to the last edition in Brazil last year. The failure by the sport code to make it to the multi-sport games was a huge embarrassment and a huge blot to Dr. Thato Patlakwe’s committee’s achievements.

However last week’s whitewash of his rivalling camp dominated by his former cabinet accorded him a second attempt at resuscitating the sport. This week Weekendsport engaged with the Vice President Dirang Thipe who is the most experienced member in the team to lay down the modus operandi of their committee. He categorically revealed that failure to qualify for the Olympics last year was a huge blooper on their part which will have to be corrected.

“We want to qualify for Tokyo 2020 and for that to materialize our development structure will have to be robust. We will have to strengthen our ties with the likes of BISA and also our own plan should be designed in a way that it would produce pugilists who in future would hoist this nation flag high,” he said.  Patlakwe has in the past shared the same sentiments explaining that they had revived developmental programmes including out of school and talent identification, which were not there when he assumed office in 2014 and had assigned it to Modiradilo (Healer) boxing Sports Development Officer (SDO) to facilitate.

Already there are prospects for boxing if manage promising boxers accordingly, including the likes of 19 year old Kenaope Boifang, Mohamed Rajab Otukile and Kagiso Bagwasi who could Tokyo by storm.

The development of coaches, referees & judges as well as administrators is also on the cards more so that 2017 has been tagged ‘year for Africa’ by the Association of International Boxing (AIBA). The association is expecting to profit from the initiative by sending all the boxing stakeholders to upgrade themselves. “Coaches will be sent to Zambia for Star 1 and 2 together with the referees. Furthermore our administrators will be given refresher courses and I will as the head travel around unexpectedly to see if they are practicing what they harnessed from those workshops,” Thipe said.

“They (AIBA) promised us 2017 is year for Africa in terms of assisting us and we would capitalize on that opportunity so they can assist including with equipments and facilitation of professional boxing.” The committee includes Patlakwe (President), Thipe (Vice), Lefiri Moremi (Secretary General), Frank Chigutshi (Treasure), Taolo Tlouetsile (PRO), Gibson Rauwe (Competition Coordinator) and Hlanganani Digwere as the additional member.



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