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Netball World Cup goes digital

Publishing Date : 10 July, 2017


The Botswana Innovation Hub (BIH) this week launched the Netball World Youth Cup 2017 mobile application on July 6 which was developed by Asante Tech Group. Botswana Netball Association hosts the Netball World Cup starting this weekend. 

In support of Botswana Netball Association who are host of this prestigious event, BIH unveiled the services of its registered startup companies to develop a mobile application that will be used to disseminate all digital information related to the event to global sport lovers. Botswana Innovation Hub official, Tigele Mokobi explained that the mobile application which was developed by young and talented Batswana will be used to disseminate live information about the games as they are being played, the teams that are playing, and where they are playing, the latest tweet news about the world cup, log standings and teams per pools.

“The task of developing a mobile application for the essential job of informing and updating the global audience about the competition was awarded to Asante Tech Group. The startup company is incubated in the Botswana Innovation Hub technology entrepreneurship development program, First Steps Venture Centre,” Mokobi explained. The app has already been published on the google play store and it can be downloaded by searching for NWYC2017 from the google play store.

The CEO of Innovation Hun. Allen Boswaeng explained that they are only assisting in the transformation and commercialization of the so that Asante Tech Group can be able to sell their service and make money and he further highlighted that innovation Hub was just impressed.



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