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Dear RB2 Management

Publishing Date : 07 February, 2017

Author :

Rasina Winfred Rasina

Events Review

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim! For the past three weeks I have been exercising a new talent. You see this talent is being cultivated by many Batswana now. It is a culture of listening to 5 radio stations at the same time. So in my new practice, I am stuck with shock. This shock is a direct result of listening to your morning show.


I keep trying to imagine the management of RB 2 listening to the show and not sensing any wrong with it…hakere kana when something is wrong and you don’t sense that it is wrong you are also a wrong….so in my assertions, management wa Rb2 or whoever decides what happens in that morning show is wrong!

Radio stations by nature have a catchment area. Each radio station, rightfully so, decides on its target market. This target market is the one that then defines a morning radio show presenter. But the decisions of this nature have to be done by the enlightened. eseng hela kegore osale ontse koo, ampo kegore oratwa ke bagolo bakoo…!In the current situation, there is no exercise of mind that informs that whoever makes decisions of the morning show is capable.  And you are lucky that there are three private radio stations already doing exactly what should be done.  Do you even ever listen to them to realise how they are aware of their market and catchment area?

When you listen to Duma FM in the mornings, you will realise that it is deliberately designed for Motswana kogae daily concerned with arising current affairs. This Motswana is not necessarily urban; this Motswana is somewhere in between. You can tell by the type of characters that frequent the opportunity to call in for a commentary, question or clarity. They have that Motswana listener, their market, who just want to say something whether it makes sense or it does not. This Motswana is very in abundance.

When you switch to Gabz FM morning show, you pick the better informed Motswana who does not only call gointsha bodutu hela, but who tries to be a part of the story. The market there is not necessarily Motswana kogae, it is a Motswana who carries some sort of entitlement to what should happen next in the daily discourse.


The presenters are well aware of this, that though some commentary from their market is a waste of ear drums, such a Motswana has an understanding in other areas of importance and only confuses issues and hence normally mixed up in presenting their views….koore motho wateng otshwara kwa le kwa….

When you listen to Yarona FM, you realise by the hilarious presenters that they know their market. It is not only a youth market; it is market that refuses to take everything seriously. It is a market that adds a smile to the funeral. The name of their morning show; FEEL GOOD FOUNDATION, says it all. They know their catchment area. You will also note heir choice of songs and imaginary characters like Moruti Madimabe and the feel good foundation news that the purpose is merely to cater for a selected and deliberately chosen market.

You listen to RB 1, your parent radio station, the morning show is designed specifically for Motswana kogae, Motswana wa sekei, Motswana tota….ohitlhela batho bateng bale molehihing ka sengwe le sengwe….the presenters have also become exactly what the listeners are. There is no difference. It is ignorance of the highest order. But the show does well as it is what is should be. Those who frequent the opportunity to call are normally just interested in having their voice heard. Their interest is not in having their point of view heard but only their voice. They don’t have any meaningful point to be heard so they are never wrong.

The RB1 morning show callers nevertheless carry with them some thinking that someone at he government enclave is listening to what they are saying and someone will take in their commentary as advise. They have not even observed that by the time they make their phone calls, ministers and senior government officials are already busy in offices and don’t have time to listen to some self soothing souls trying to play important. The callers are basically detached from the mordent society. They don’t even realise that aitatola, matimela, pitso ya balemi have long been discarded by the modern generation. They are literally in the past.

But then….hehehehehehehe….jkg!....ketlaa bua hela kegore gake leitse gale nkitse….!....when switching to RB 2, for the past three weeks, one comes head on……akanya head one mokaulengwe….with a deep voice supposedly belonging to a woman. This voice immediately brings some thoughts to mind. One immediately suspects that the owner of the voice probably did not get enough sleep.


The voice is also so hoarse as if the owner spent the whole night drinking some black label quartz at that broadhurst shebeen….kwaga mmanneu….kana gatweng….!....the voice depicts a very tired fellow who instead of waking you up on your drive to work, to inspire you to embrace a new day and face your daily instead makes you think you are tired and should get back to bed.

What is more shocking is the high confidence of this voice saying all the not correct things live on national radio. The person behind the voice is always having this laugh that will irritate moreetsi kogae, irritate the cosmopolitan listener, irritates the confused listener, irritates the youth. This voice does not do it for anyone….koore ngwanyana wateng obua hela agagoga okare gontshiwa botsetsi……leitshwarele mahoko ame….!

Yes, it is understandable that the co-host is temporarily not available. But then you already have T.H.A.B.O doing the show. He is a marvelous presenter who understands the catchment area and conversant with current affairs in a lively way as a morning show presenter should be doing. It could have been thoughtful to know that partnering T.H.A.B.O. with such a dull and uninspiring radio presenter effectively makes work difficult for him. For the past three weeks, I have heard him struggling to contain the wild new morning radio show presenter.


You can’t be mentoring a wild deep voice girl during a morning show. It is just not it. There should be capable people at RB2 to that show with T.H.A.B.O. Otherwise the show ratings will embarrassingly fall and T.H.A.B.O will also take the fall though a horrible decision to bring a girl who sounds like she just arrived from lalavuka ya mosakasaso was made by someone else….nyaa bagaetsho, bankanyang seemo, golo koo gagoanna sentle…..gomakgasa…..galoaikatega! Allahur Akbar!

The Journey Continues,

Rasina Winfred Rasina
Email: rwwrasina@gmail.com
Mobile: +267 71886794
Facebook Page: Rasina Winfred Winnie Rasina
Twitter: Rasina_W_Rasina




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