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Botho Seboko resigns from politics, BPP

Publishing Date : 05 December, 2016

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Attention: The Party President.

Re: Resignation from the Secretary General’s Position and subsequently from the Botswana Peoples Party

As the subject above reflects, Mr President I am writing to you as a constitutional requirement and a party cultural norm to inform you officially of my resignation from your Party and the responsibility that you and the comrades at Botswana Peoples Party entrusted to me. This has been a phenomenal journey of loss and victory, of congratulations and rebukes, of war and peace and of angels and devils. I have managed to travel this path under your guidance and command with serenity and meekness and I am proud to say, under your lead I have become a better human being and a trained constituent of my community.

On this day a year ago, I made a resolution to seek membership in your party with a full intent to contribute to the development, nurturing and practice of the BPP mandate to Batswana. I gave your party my undivided attention and effort. I arrived on time when the duty called and I sought to protect the integrity of the party and of yourself. This is evidenced by not only yourself but the brothers and sisters we wore a yoke of the struggle with. To some I was an admirable human being full of zeal and vigour, while to others I was the traitor and the mercenary of our time. Combined; the perceptions and perspectives of my person never bothered or derailed me from this glorious course as I knew my days in this were limited.

Early this year, I did mention to you that my work here at BPP is a translation of my passion for human interactions and the outright appreciation of a globalised society. I mentioned that as much as my arrival was not by recruitment, my departure  will not be of recruitment as well, I still stand by my word. I am leaving active politics because the time my wife and my children had allotted to this course, in this phase of my life is over. I believe I have a greater calling of undefined proportions and timelines, and in order to focus or pursue this calling, I need to be as I was when I first met and joined the BPP; without baggage and in pure wait.

I have served you and under you. Sometimes frustrating and sometimes a total bliss. This I will say to my father someday, for indeed you have been more of a father figure than a mere man. You have met my family, you have sat at our dinner table; all these being a sign that you will always be part of my life and the memories of my family. Mr. President, I have to bid you farewell, and do so with joy in that I have served to the best of my abilities.

With this letter, I urge you to relay my farewell of the comrades I served with, both in the BPP, in the UDC as well as in the BCP. I will be pursuing non-political engagements but I will do so bearing you in my prayers for a fruitful struggle and in remembrance of the joys we shared in the trenches of the liberation of our people.

This nation needs you and your wisdom, I know now more than I knew this time around last year and this I have continually said to you, sometimes in the privacy of our caucus, and other times even to our enemies. Your passion for liberation continues to inspire many, some have openly said this, while others say it in the loudness of silence.

Thank you once again, for even the platform and the networks I was able to be part of, for situations where you stood and vouched for me in the midst of doubt and mistrust. You will always be the one man I will bother for counsel because it is your mentorship that has gotten me this far. I have not brought your name or of your party to any shame, and for that I am proud of myself. I have tied all loose ends in the office I occupied and I have made aware all our principal partners of my departure.

Greatest of all regards | Yours in the struggle.

Botho Seboko
Out- going Secretary General.



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