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Students urged to make libraries their second home

Publishing Date : 25 May, 2015


High Flyer student Yohan Jeong receives her Excellence Certificate from Limkokwing University Management

Mercy Rebaone Thebe, Limkokwing University Regional Director - Corporate & Media Relations, has encouraged students to make libraries their second home.

Speaking at Nanogang junior Secondary School (JSS) Academic Excellence Awards celebrations in Gaborone recently, Thebe said throughout her academic journey, she made Libraries her second home, and made books, journals and magazines her life.

The theme for the academic excellence celebration awards was

“Awarding Academic Excellence; Key to An Educated & Informed Nation”.

Thebe observed that through education one can lay a foundation for the profession as well as future as education opens and broadens the mind to many life opportunities.

On the other hand she said teaching is full of many responsibilities and challenges.  “Like most worthwhile professions, as much as it bring challenges its rewards are so worthy and in most cases, life changing.”

Thebe celebrated the level of commitment displayed by the Nanogang JSS teachers saying it is amply evinced by many due to the school’s outstanding academic performance.

She told students that they are the instruments in education. “As a student, your role in education is to be active participants rather than passive recipients. It is also very important for you to prepare accordingly ahead of your lessons and participate in class activities.”

Nanogang teachers produced good results last year with 95.4% quality Pass rate. Thebe said this was realized because of working together as a team. “This is indeed commendable and is what Botswana needs in order to be An Educated and Informed Nation by the year 2016,”she said.

Thebe encouraged students through a personal testimony. In part she said, “When I went abroad in 2001 at Limkokwing University in Malaysia for my tertiary education, I was in classes and lectures with students from over 160 countries who were from advanced education systems around the world, and through my love for reading, I graduated top of everyone.”

Today, Thebe works for the very same University she studied at, and it has established worldwide recognition through its innovative brand of creative education merging the best of east and west education.

“Just like most of here this afternoon, it has always been my personal motto, NEVER to settle for second best in anything, but to aim to be the best among the rest in anything that I do. This motto together with my hard work, dedication, commitment as well as the passion for excellence and quality work and results have seen me excelling through my academic and professional life.”

Limkokwing University is an international University with a global presence across 3 continents being Africa, Asia & Europe. The university is named after the Founder and President Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato Sri Paduka Dr. Lim Kok Wing and has over 30,000 students coming from more than 160 countries, studying in its 12 campuses in Botswana, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lesotho, Malaysia, Swaziland, Sanaa and United Kingdom.

Thebe observed that the responsibility of education is to prepare the next generation that possess the dexterity and agility to manage a world that is fast evolving. This requires creating opportunities for students to discover what lies within them.  

To cap her speech at the Academic Excellence Celebration, The concluded by announcing that Limkokwing University of Creative Technology found it fit to donate specialized equipment worth a whopping P10 000.00.



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