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Cabinet tells Kgosi to return P118m

Publishing Date : 06 March, 2018


Office of the President (OP), in an attempt to put out fires regarding the highly publicized multi-million pula scandal involving the who’s who of this country, has instructed Directorate on Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) boss Isaac Kgosi to pay the P118 million that he is said to taken from the National Petroleum Fund (NPF) for purposes related to DIS operations.

WeekendPost can reveal that high profile figures gathered in a closed discussion at OP Thursday morning to device a way to put a lid on the matter that is threatening to expose more people in high government positions. This publication has established that Kgosi has been advised to pay the P118 million that he took from National Petroleum Fund (NPF) through Khulaco PTY (Ltd), Bakang Seretse’s company last year.

“There has been a directive from OP instructing Kgosi to return the sum to NPF because of the criminal case that is before the court for the alleged stolen P250m. Remember the P118m forms part of the money, and people are now demanding that Kgosi be brought to book together with the other accused before the court. So, the essence of the matter is to have Kgosi cleared from this issue because his name is always cropping up in courts that he has laundered P118m to a company in Israel,” said the source.

“All he is going to do is to take the P118m from the DIS budget in April and pay NPF. Simple as that!” the source however highlighted. When asked if the same courtesy would be extended to Bakang, the official stated that, “But with Bakang it’s a different case. The reason behind the new civil application is to force Bakang to pay the money.”

Last month, the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP), made an application before the High Court, seeking leave to have permanent possession of Bakang’s properties and credit account balances. But Bakang would not agree to this. He is challenging the application through his attorney Kgosietsile Ngakaagae of Ngakaagae & Company. The application comes merely a month after High Court Judge Godfrey Radijeng granted the government an application to freeze the said properties and credit account balances pending the finalisation of the saga.

According to information before court, Kgosi asked for funding from NPF to build strategic fuel storages across the country. The P250 million was approved by the Department of Energy. Kgosi then instructed Kenneth Kerekang, a Director at the Department of Energy to release funds to Khulaco (PTY) Ltd.  Kgosi then later said procumbent of petroleum facilities is no longer a priority, saying he would divert the funds to wildlife poaching, human and drug trafficking.

Senior Private Secretary to the President, George Tlhalerwa denied knowledge of the said meeting. He said him and President Lt. Seretse Khama were in Kasane on the day in question. “There could not be a meeting at OP in the absence of the President,” he said, and when asked if the President would not delegate anyone to conduct such meeting he responded in the negative. “As far as the President is concerned, I am not aware of such decision.

I would be aware if the President was involved in such a meeting,” he said, adding that he was not even aware Kgosi had taken any money.  Government Spokes person Jeff Ramsay said Kgosi should be asked to speak for himself, but Kgosi sent this reporter that he was not available. Bakang, Botho Leburu and Kenneth Kerekang were last year arraigned before a magistrate court on charges of money laundering. They were alleged to have between September, 05, 2017 and November, 27, 2017 in Gaborone, received over P250m.


Impeccable sources however say the case was never going to go any further as people at the top were of the view that it was a ministerial issue that should have never reached the courts. “How do you say the money was laundered when it was moving from one department to another? If at all the complaint is about commission fees, so be it. But in the present case they decided to mud everything. And how do you even charge someone when people know what he was charging?” said a government official who stated that the issue here is negligence by government. The source went on to state that the case is not as people see it, “These are just fights between individuals. There are certain people that are being targeted.”



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