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Boko sets tone for UDC congress

Publishing Date : 06 March, 2018


Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) President Duma Boko has set a tone for its members not to dare expel the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) at the ongoing congress in Gaborone.

He also said the issue of constituency allocation should be a no go area as the parties need each other more than before. He vowed his undying support for one of his Vice President and law buddy who leads the BMD, Sidney Pilane. Pilane was part of the reasons that led to splinter group of the BMD that formed the Alliance for Progressives (AP) led by his adversary Ndaba Gaolathe.

The AP felt that Pilane and his ‘association’ with the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) Director Isaac Kgosi does not go well with the opposition principle amongst which is against forming of the tarnished DISS. The BMD leader and those that remained at the party, the AP said they do not possess values that are critical for democracy like honesty, justice and integrity not forgetting the right to life.  

However Boko said at the party dinner this week in Gaborone that the party delegates should not make the mistake of trying to take away some constituencies allocated to the BMD - let alone expel them. “We will not take any constituencies from whomever as we don’t even have resources to do so. Every member party should remain in the Umbrella as is,” he said. “And as I talk about BMD, we are a collective. We are UDC. I know what you say to me; kick out so and so, kick out these people and I say no.”

Boko says this at the backdrop of orchestrated coup by some members of UDC on the ground who wants to dismiss BMD at the congress as they say it does not have numbers since the other group left to form the AP. Boko instead maintained that their breaking away from the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) was a defining moment.“So it sent the message that even when opposition parties are breaking apart, also the BDP is not immune to these splinters and so I say to you that we should therefore thank the BMD for this and that they are now part of us.”



Do you think the courts will help put the UDC, BMD impasse within reasonable time ahead of the 2019 General Election?