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Peter Maruping (1935-1988)

Publishing Date : 11 December, 2018


Peter Dick Maruping was an early nationalist politician. In 1960-61 he was active in the short lived Bechuanaland Congress Party. Thereafter he joined the Bechuanaland People’s Party (BPP). He gained prominence following the Party’s 1962 split when he emerged as the Secretary-General of the ultimately dominant Matante wing.

In 1964 Maruping earned additional notoriety when he was jailed for sedition by the colonial regime after alleging in a public meeting that the Bechuanaland Democratic Party (BDP) and the British were rigging the registration process for the forthcoming general election.  Maruping was born in Kanye on April 19, 1935. He attended primary school in Good Hope, and secondary studies at Kanye, before earning a teacher’s certificate at Kanye Teacher Training College. He subsequently taught at St. Theresa School in Lobatse and Leshibitse Primary in Kgatleng.

During this period Maruping was apparently deeply influenced by developments in Ghana, which had gained its independence in 1957. In this respect, the example of Kwame Nkrumah is said to have motivated him to become active in politics. In March 1965, Maruping ran as the BPP candidate for Kanye. He however lost heavily to the BDP candidate, Quett Masire.

In 1969, Maruping joined the BDP. Thereafter he served for many years as a councillor first in Lobatse, where he became Deputy Mayor, and subsequently in the Southern District. Throughout his active career Maruping remained especially passionate about the development of the Education Sector.



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